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Gary - Sports Massage Therapist

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Gary - Sports Massage Therapist

Gary is a fully qualified Sports Therapist with a keen interest in all things sporty.  Graduating from college with a HND in Sports Therapy and a BSc Degree in Sports Science gives him extensive knowledge about sporting injuries and how to treat them.  

His time at College and University gave him good understanding of how the body reacts and adapts to exercise.  Through the use of sports and remedial massage, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release and various stretching techniques he can insure you stay injury free to enjoy the sports you love.  

Gary’s degree also doubles as a personal training qualification so he is also qualified to give advice on training techniques and how to better your sport,  by treating people from all different sports and of all different levels over the years he is well experienced in treating all forms of niggles, strains and injuries.

As well as working in the clinic Gary is also part of the team at the AH…running shop giving advice on gait analysis, running nutrition and shoes.

Gary is also a keen athlete himself who has competed for his club and country in the past, specialising in the wonderful distances of 400m to 1500m.  He also dabbles in the 5k and 10k distances (which he’s not too shabby at).