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Holly - Sports Massage Therapist

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Holly - Sports Massage Therapist

Holly has come all the way from Canada, with strong ties in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia. She has a BHSc in Health Sciences and Psychology, and has moved to Glasgow to study in the MSc Physiotherapy program at Glasgow Caledonian University.  She is a keen advocate for the profession and holds a position as the CSP Student Representative for her class.  Having experienced the benefits of Sports Massage Therapy many times over, Holly has taken the initiative to earn a diploma in Sports Massage to complement both her degrees. 

Holly is passionate about health and wellness.  After years of football training and building experience in the fitness industry as a  group fitness instructor, running instructor, and personal trainer, she made the move to public health and rehabilitation and feels she has met her true calling.  She has a great love for the outdoors, and loves hiking, running, cross-country biking, kayaking, swimming and skiing, but would probably choose a game of football above all else.