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Josh - Sports Massage Therapist

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Josh - Sports Massage Therapist

Josh is a fully qualified and experienced massage therapist practising Swedish Massage, Sports (Post & Pre) & Remedial massage, Sports & Kinesiology taping and soon to be qualified in Clinical Reflexology.

Josh has been qualified for 3 years now studying at Western Schools and ProActive Training. He started learning massage after having an injury to his hip where he fractured his Iliac crest and was given treatment in Physiotherapy and Massage to help with recovery - this help ensure full range of movement as well as reducing pain, and after 2 months he was back in full health.

After graduating in Sports & Remedial massage Josh worked with the Canadian rugby team, Clyde FC, Cirque Du Soleil and many others. In addition he also has experience in working with his own clients, learning new techniques from other therapists and using new equipment to help aid in recovery.

Josh has been experience in dealing with a range of injuries, symptoms and general pains & strains from work and sports injuries; as a therapist he aims to focus on getting a client to full recovery through techniques such as Soft & Deep tissue massage, Myofacial release, PNF stretching, Mobilisation techniques and Trigger point massage.

In his spare time Josh likes to take part in the likes of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, Yoga and the gym. As a very social person he enjoys spending time with friends & family and enjoying the simple things in life by relaxing and exploring.