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The pursuit of excellence should not be the sole preserve of elite athletes. The recreational sportsman and regular gym user have a right to be the best as well.

As a Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience I've helped an array of men and women striving for their very own peak performance.

Working on the shop floor at achilles heel I get to help lots of sports people looking for running footwear. Whether in the shop or when training, the mantra remains the same; function over fashion. ‘Is that exercise/ shoe going to help, or is it just the latest fad?’ Just like an exercise routine, shoes need to be suited to the individual.

I’m an active fan of most sports and I have always kept my own body in the best shape possible so as to take advantage of the fun found from football, climbing, cycling & snowboarding. Running is a staple part of any athletes training diet and so I can’t escape also and have pushed myself to complete the marathon distance several times. At the end of each vowing to myself, ‘never again’. That is at least, until the next time.