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Our trained & qualified practitioners can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions that cause pain, including back and neck problems, children's growing pains, joint problems, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, sports and work related injuries.

At one time or another we all suffer from pain in various parts of our bodies. Pain can be extremely debilitating and can begin to affect our ability to perform everyday tasks, our mood, concentration and even sleep. Pain can be caused by sporting activities, wear and tear, accidents or surgery. Ongoing pain in one area can soon begin to affect other parts of the body as you begin to compensate and alter your movements. Prompt treatment speeds recovery and allows a rapid return to normal activities from all these types of problems.

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None of this would have been possible without Andy's expertise and advice.

Alan Craig

Nathalie is a perfectionist who is nothing short of a credit to her profession

Ollie Scott

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