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Ankle & Foot Problems

With its 28 bones, the foot and ankle is a complex area. There are a range of potential problems that can occur and therefore achieving an accurate diagnosis with one of our experienced clinicians is vital if treatment is to be successful.

Common injuries include plantar fasciitis which presents as a pain in the sole of the foot and is classically worse in the first few steps taken in the morning or after resting. The plantar fascia is a broad band of fibrous tissue running in the sole of the foot from the heel to the end of the rays (metatarsals). Along with the calf muscle, it forms part of a "windlass" mechanism around the back of the heel and helps to maintain the arch of the foot.

The achilles tendon is another common area prone to injury and can often result in a tendinopathy. The achilles tendon has to carry several times the human body weight. This burden is significantly increased when running and particularly sprinting. Over time, tissues can degenerate, causing inflammation and pain. This degeneration can be made worse by sudden increases in activity levels or even something as simple as a change in running shoes.  Achilles tendinopathy is often associated with pain in the heel and there may often be lumps over the tendon.

Contact achilles heel clinic Glasgow to find out our qualified & accredited team of practitioners we can help address your ankle/foot injury through effective physiotherapy and chiropody treatments.




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