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I can only thank you for all your kindness, tenderness and help with regards to my massage experiences!

The whole experience was totally refreshing and restorative. Fran was able to tap into my needs in terms of aches and pains - this was particularly rewarding towards the end of my pregnancy when I was exhausted and came away from the massage invigorated and uplifted. Instinctively I know that the last massage before giving birth helped my body prepare for what was ahead, and mentally I felt prepared - as opposed to apprehensive and pensive.

I am convinced that the incorporation of Shiatsu also made labour far easier than it would have been. Fran has been the only massage therapist that has applied appropriate pressure and been able to destress my tight shoulders, and I can only thank her! I can only say good things - no complaints at all - I can only recommend the luxuriously wonderful massages that, I am sure, helped to bring O. into the world so easily.

Sam Eccles, Consultant

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Christine for all her hard work in rebuilding my at times broken body. I seemed destined not to make it to the start line of the Tiree ultra between illness and injury but my sports massages with you over the six months and especially the last six weeks help considerable with me being able to do just that and I felt confident when I toed the start line that I would get to the end and I did. 35 glorious miles later I not only finished the race but cycled 3 miles back to my digs. Importantly my recovery post race has been good, so thank you Christine.

Sharon Taylor

I would like to express my sincere, heartfelt thanks to Nathalie for a very insightful session. The courtesy, care and support shown by Nathalie is just tremendous.

Throughout the session, Nathalie works with total dedication to achieve the greatest result possible for her client. She is a perfectionist who is nothing short of a credit to her profession. First of all, I outlined to Nathalie why I wanted dietary advice. At this stage, I am wanting to increase my overall fitness, loose weight and build and develop lean muscle. My sporting objectives are complete a number of 5k, 10k races and triathlons’s. I gained an invaluable insight into the importance of nutrients and eating a balanced a diet at the right time. Nathalie talked me the through the what type of foods I should be eating and in what portions. An output of the session was a structured eating plan for me to follow that fits into my daily work schedule and exercise programme. Nathalie is always just an email/text/phone call away and this level of support and commitment is just amazing. Looking forward very much to my follow up appointment with Nathalie in a couple of months time.

received on diet on losing weight and sports nutrition for increasing my fitness levels and building muscle

Ollie Scott

As the Medical Officer and Chartered Physiotherapist for our Riverdance UK 2016 Tour, Fran Paine has been one of the most professional massage therapists I have ever worked alongside. Throughout our weekend at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow, Fran showed an impeccable level of dedication and understanding of care for all of our dancers. She worked around the clock to keep them fitness ready with pre-performance massages. She automatically took to our tightly-ran backstage schedule- Punctuality is her middle name! All 32 dancers were cared for to the highest level. On passing her on the corridor, you were continuously met with a smile! I would have no hesitation in hiring Fran again in the future and I would thoroughly recommend her to any athlete. I hold Fran on a very high pedestal and could not recommend a better massage therapist.

Fiona McCabe

Having had an on / off achilles injury for the past few years, it was not surprising that, while increasing mileage in training for the Loch Ness Marathon this year, it came sneaking back. I had seen Iain many times for this injury (and others) in the past and, each time he fixed it for me, working on it in the session and giving me exercises to do at home and in the gym. It often involved having to rest for varying amounts of time but he always negotiated a time frame of rest that I could manage and was happy with. This time it was different. I was 5 weeks away from the marathon and, having done 3 20 mile runs, I was keen to fit in at least another one (or two if I was being honest with myself!) before the marathon. However, I knew from past experience that niggling achilles tendons, tend not to like being ignored and trained through, so I booked to see Iain that week. He set to work on it and, although I had to rest for a week, he advised other exercises such as aqua jogging my speed sessions (which I actually really enjoyed to my surprise) to maintain fitness. As well as being an excellent physio (and someone who I refer all my friends and clients to), his experience as a runner was also really helpful in periodising the remainder of my long runs and other weekly sessions. Having weekly to fortnightly physio for the 5 weeks, meant that I could continue running despite the injury and made it worth every penny. After each session which was often quite uncomfortable, running was considerably less painful and I could complete my long runs pain free. It is down to Iain that I managed to run the Loch Ness Marathon in a PB time, with not a hint of achilles pain or discomfort. Even after the marathon, my achilles felt like brand new which was something that I would never have thought possible.


Achilles Heel saved my (running) life! A bold statement but, never underestimate the power of massage!

It was Xmas 2007 when out of the blue I fell on a X/C training run. The pain was excruciating so a visit to A&E was the only option. After x-rays I was informed that I had partially ruptured my quad tendon and removed a piece of bone from my kneecap. Nothing could be done surgically as I was too old at 57! I left the hospital with a leg brace from hip to ankle with the words ‘you will be able to walk with a stick’ still ringing in my ears.

To a runner of 25 years this was not an option I was prepared to accept. After 6 months working with a hospital physio I donned the running shoes again and ventured down to the local track so see if I could manage a short jog without the leg giving way. 10 x 30 meter jogs later with my quad becoming very stiff and sore I realised if I was to get back to anything like my former running I would need help. Enter Achilles Heel, I have attended for a professional massage every month since and am now back to running 20+ miles a week and building. I have completed a 5K race that I never thought I would ever be able to do again. I shall continue to get treatment once month and I know I will go from strength to strength.

So if you have had a serious injury don’t give up, contact Achilles Heel for professional help, it will be the best call you ever make.

Alan Stewart, Giffnock North AAC, Road & X/C Captain.

Hi, My daughter Rebecca Craig had been attending Andy for physio with regards to various aches and pains. Could you please let him know she finished 12th in Antrim at the Aviva Cross Country , (1 sec outside top 10) and yesterday was placed 2nd in Renfrewshire Road Race champs. None of this would have been possible without his expertise and advice. Hope to see you again soon, but not too soon if you know what i mean!

Alan Craig

I limped into achilles heel  about 2 months ago, after a long standing achilles injury had got steadily worse, resulting in me not being able to even walk without limping. I run with a running club and had tried resting it intermittently to no avail and it was so painful that eventually I couldn’t run at all. From the outset, Iain really listened to my symptoms and exercise routine. He then offered sound advice about strengthening exercises, injury specific stretches and rehabilitation. This was over and above ultrasound treatment and sports massage. He has been reassuring and knowledgeable abput my injury – it helps that he is a runner himself and understands a runner’s mentality. I’m now back running and I know I could not have got to this stage without Iain’s treatment and support. Thanks Iain!


I play golf but my left elbow became progressively more sore over last summer (2014). By early September, I was unable to play golf. At the time, I thought that rest would cure the issue. However, there was no improvement and if anything the discomfort grew over time. In December, I visited Achilles Heel for physiotherapy. I was told that I had “golfer’s elbow”, which I understand now is tendonitis. By early/mid January my arm was no better and I went back for more physio. This was when I met Michelle Pollock. She introduced me to acupuncture plus physio. At the time, my elbow was sore even just to hold a golf club and I was unable to straighten my left arm. I had acupuncture and physio with Michelle over 5-6 sessions. My elbow/arm is now fully recovered and I have been back playing golf regularly over this summer. I have no discomfort. I despaired last December/January. However, Michelle has been amazing and I would totally recommend her.

Colin Whyte

My triathlon training is very intensive. My body goes through a lot twice a day, 6 days a week. Before I started going to Graeme for massage I was constantly suffering from niggling injuries and I was taking ages to recover after hard sessions. I have been going to Graeme now for two years and the results have been amazing. I suffer a lot less form injury and he frequently puts me back together again after a tough training session so that I can train just as hard the next day. I never race without getting a pre-race massage as I know this helps me perform at my best.

Graeme is extremely professional and his extensive expertise means that he adapts easily to whatever my needs are on the day. My body surprises me in terms of the weird effects training has on it at times, but Graeme has never failed to get me back in working order. I would recommend him to anybody who participates in sport at any level, but particularly to those who train hard and what to keep getting results.

Kirsty Anderson

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Iain for all his help in the lead up to the Paris Half Marathon. Not only did I run it with no pain during and no pain after, but he restored my confidence prior to the race.

The race was amazing; beautiful day for it, freezing cold but glorious sunshine. As I said, my ankle is good as new now; the problems I was anticipating afterwards are non existent! I got round the course in 2:04:09, which I am really happy with. Took the start very cautiously as I was expecting trouble but it never materialised.

I took last week off to rest and then yesterday I signed up for the EMF Edinburgh Half on May 22nd! Hopefully I will get through this training with no ankle sprains but if I do, Iain will be the first person I call!

Melissa Weldon

Sports Massage at Achilles Heel Clinic with Christine has become an integral part of my life. Approximately 4 years ago I started experiencing severe head & neck pain while working as a dentist. Initially I started by accessing my working distance/position and introduced magnification for working. This alone was not sufficient as my pain had developed over a period of time. It became routine that I would take painkillers at some point in my day. One day the pain was so severe I decided to make an emergency appointment for a sports massage at Achilles Heel. That is when I met Christine. For 6 weeks I saw her for an hour appointment every Thursday. The relief from symptoms was immediate but as my problem was chronic I really needed an intense coarse of massage to gain the full benefits from it. Christine now keeps me symptom free with a monthly 30 minute session of massage. This is now part of my health management. I have not had to take any time of work because of neck pain since meeting Christine. She is professional & friendly but most importantly has very effective clinical skills. I couldn't work pain free without her.

Dr Mairi MacLean

After years of constantly battling with my weight I went to see Nathalie. Despite eating healthy foods and largely at the right time, I struggled to keep my weight in check. In fact whilst training for the Edinburgh Marathon I put on 14lb!. Nathalie helped be become more aware of my portion sizes and also the right mix of foods to eat for my training. This has resulted in losing 24lb in 12 weeks, with weight still continuing to fall off. (My wife has also lost 10lb in this time!) I have more energy and have successfully trained for and completed the New York Marathon in this time.

The biggest compliment I could make Nathalie is that she is always on hand to offer advice/support. On a number of occasions since my consultation I have emailed her with some quick questions/queries, which she responded to both quickly but also in detail-this has been invaluable and is the thing that has really said to me that she cares about her clients. I even had a text from her asking how I got on in New York.

I would recommend Nathalie's service to anyone. Hopefully I will never need to see her again!

Sean Casey

I had been doing way too much running and not enough strength and mobility work. Pilates has helped me with my form and posture while running.


With my long list of niggling injuries, Caroline gets me through with her sports massages, which allows me to continue running and training for various running, cycling and swimming events. Great service and would fully recommend her treatments.

Alan Kennedy

Leigh has looked after my body for 13 years after having two babies and a stressful job. I don't know where I'd be without her!


The sessions with Fran were one of the most positive and nurturing aspects of my pregnancy.

Working full-time and looking after an older child, in addition to expending the physical and emotional energy required to grow a baby, meant that I was often stressed and worn out. Fran was like my personal outer placenta. After each session I felt relaxed, energised and cared for.

On a physical level, Fran was extremely competent. She was able to understand what my body needed where. She always checked in to see how the strokes felt and to ask whether any areas had been neglected. I always left feeling melty, and knowing I would sleep well that night.

Meeting with Fran also provided an opportunity to check in on an emotional level. I felt secure and safe. Being massaged provided a chance to stop for a few moments and be still within myself. I felt cocooned and looked after.

I would recommend Fran to any pregnant woman.

Grace Shamy, Doula & Birth Educator

I have had two appointments with Scott the Podiatrist at Achilles Heel and have been very impressed. I feel compelled to write to you and share my recent experiences at Achilles Heel.

On my initial clinic contact, my enquiry was dealt with by the reception staff in a warm, friendly but professional manner. At my first appointment with Scott he had an excellent professional manner and very knowledgeable about his subject. He made feel at ease straight away, with his warm, friendly manner. I spoke of the problems I had been having with my feet and he showed a genuine interest in my case. Scott knowledge about my condition was excellent. He discussed in great detail and lay terms, what my treatment would entail and how I could manage each stage of the treatment.

I felt reassured.

Scott gave me Acupuncture treatment to ease the pain in the joint of big toe. He talked me through each stage of this treatment and how I should feel and discussed some the previous work and the successful outcomes of this treatment. This gave me great re-assurance in him. The result has been amazing so far – pain free for the moment, which feels great.

It is a team effort at the clinic and all members of the team work well together to promote the positive ethos of the clinic. Looking forward to my next appointment with Scott and the next Acupuncture treatment.

Ollie Scott

I have been attending achilles heel clinic for close to 3 years now, working mainly with Beth Vance. She has been giving me treatment for my scoliosis which has helped my mobility, movement and motor skills. I dread to think what my condition would be like without her assistance. I have always found Beth to be very professional, knowledgable and easy to engage with. She explains the treatment and medical terms in a simple and straightforward manner which means a lot to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Beth to anyone think about having sports therapy treatment.

Craig Pringle

I found that my weekly massage with Stuart was a key element of my marathon prep.  Putting myself in his expert hands was  what I looked forward to after a hard speed session and I think he really helped me stay loose and flexible on all my long runs.

Stuart has a great manner, makes you feel relaxed and no matter how stiff your legs are he always knows how to hit the spot.

Bryan Burnett, Broadcaster/runner

Following back surgery, Iain at Achilles Heel Clinic pulled together a programme of progressive rehabilitation exercise and physiotherapy techniques to get me back to full fitness. The advice, support and results have been fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Iain and the team at Achilles Heel.

Oli Norman

This is just a little letter to Beth to say thank you for your help and support. It is so exciting for me to be part of the Commonwealth Games but I could not do it without all the amazing people I have to support me. I will be doing all that I can to achieve a medal and I hope I can share that glory with everyone who has been here for me throughout this journey.

Ross McFarlane, Competition Wrestler

I'm training for my first marathon in 10 years. Gary at Achilles Heel has been really helpful - his massage has been great in helping my legs recover during training and he's offered lots of useful advice on stretching. It's also been inspiring to hear about his experience as an athlete and he's a nice guy too.

The event is next Sunday in Berlin and if I make my goal it will be in part thanks to Gary at AH.


I have paid regular visits to the Achilles Heel clinic over the last few years and can’t praise them highly enough! As a competitive middle/ long distance runner, Christine’s massages are key to my recovery to ensure that I can perform at my best. Without these my body was continually breaking down with niggling injuries due to the demands of training. Christine always listens and adapts the massage to my specific needs depending on recent training/ racing. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their recovery and improve sports performance.

After a problematic knee injury I visited Andy, who worked thoroughly to not only treat, but also determine the cause of injury to prevent re-occurrence. This treatment was invaluable to my recovery and return to running! Finally recent Strength and Conditioning work with Stefan has been extremely beneficial to my training schedule as he closely observes and corrects technique along with developing a program highly specific to my running goals!

I find all the staff so friendly and knowledgeable and always leave the clinic feeling good thanks to the expertise and commitment of the team!

Cara Sloss, Kilbarchan AAC

I’ve been working with Iain at achilles heel clinic for longer than I can remember now and he’s helped me through some recurrent injury issues. Iain’s physiotherapy sessions and guidance have helped me get through all manner of issues, especially a calf tear and a pretty serious back injury. Through progressive rehabilitation exercises, running form tweaks and core strength improvement, Iain has always been able to put me back on the road to recovery and performing better than ever.

Colin Frame

When I first met Nathalie just about 6 months ago, I was immediately impressed by her no nonsense approach. She listened to what I had to say instead of assuming that I stuffed myself with sweets and pies on a daily basis. She told me there was no realistic chance of getting my BMI down to what would be considered "normal" and that I really was not eating too much. She advised on re-balancing my diet, portion control and exercise. Without really much effort, I have lost more than two stones since I started taking her advice. I would recommend anyone worried about their weight to have a chat with Nathalie - you will not regret it.

Bill Templeton

I've been doing Pilates for 5 years after a back injury. Thanks to Pilates I'm now back climbing.