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What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method of exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates in the late 1920's. Pilates focuses on building your body's core strength and improving posture through a series of low repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises. By core strength, we are talking about your back, abdominal  and pelvic muscles. Through Pilates, you will be able to develop these muscles without adding bulk, increasing your flexibility and agility and at the same time toning your stomach and thigh muscles.

Effects of PilatesWith the increased use of computers and mobile phones our posture has deteriorated. The first skeleton shows someone who probably has tight chest and upper back, neck tension and weak abdominals and glutes.

The second skeleton shows that practising Pilates with a series of strengthening and lengthening exercises to challenge the body should help to elevate postural issues.

Why choose Pilates?

Pilates goes far beyond your core muscles. It not only provides a complete body workout (you will be working muscles you didn't even know you had!) but also helps to improve posture and body awareness. As you develop core strength you develop stability throughout your entire torso. This is one of the ways Pilates helps people overcome back pain. As the trunk is properly stabilised pressure on the back is relieved and the body is able to move freely and efficiently.

The main benefits of Pilates are:

  • Strengthen core postural muscles giving good core stability
  • To correct muscle imbalances which are often the cause of pain and dysfunction
  • To improve posture and postural awareness
  • To promote suppleness and flexibility
  • To allow balanced, controlled, co-ordinated movement

Why choose Pilates at Achilles Heel?

Pilates has become extremely popular and is widely available in gyms and health clubs. However if you are carrying a musculoskeletal injury such as back pain the class environment may not be suitable to your needs. At Achilles Heel Clinic we have a qualified Pilates instructor who can provide one to one tuition in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of the workout. Our Pilates instructor works closely with our physiotherapists so therefore enabling better communication regarding your needs.

What happens during a consultation?

One to one sessions usually last one hour and are performed in a private room. At the beginning of the session your instructor will speak with you regarding any current injuries you may have as well as any medical conditions. Everyone is individual so depending on whether you are a total novice to Pilates or an experienced veteran the class will be altered to your needs. Your instructor will also discuss whether a program of Pilates sessions could benefit you and provide you with any home exercises that you may need to keep things moving in the right direction.

Pilates Prices

  • Single Session - £40 per 60 minutes
  • Block of 4 Sessions - £150




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