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What is a Psychologist?

Clinical psychologists are highly skilled mental health professionals, whose training helps them to understand how our life circumstances can affect the way we think, feel and behave. Clinical psychologists do not prescribe medication or perform physical examinations. They follow a strict code of conduct and are regulated by the Health Professions Council.

Why see a Psychologist?

It takes effort to maintain good physical health but we can occasionally neglect our emotional health due to our busy lifestyles. Emotional health includes the way you feel about yourself, your relationships, how you cope with your feelings and deal with difficult situations. Seeing a psychologist can help people to improve or maintain their emotional health.

We can all experience situations or emotions that feel overwhelming. It can often be difficult to talk about how we feel, particularly to the people who are closest to us. It can often help to talk to someone about how you're feeling to gain a new insight or a different way of viewing the problem. Sometimes it can be about learning new techniques or strategies to help you to feel that you're coping with things in a more helpful way.

Some of the difficulties people seek help with include:

  • stress
  • problems managing work/life balance
  • coping with major life changes or transitions
  • loss of confidence
  • health problems or injuries affecting emotional well-being
  • low mood or sadness
  • worries or feeling panicky
  • shyness or social anxiety
  • body image difficulties
  • emotional eating

What will happen at my first visit?

All new clients are invited to attend a "no obligation" assessment appointment. The purpose of this is to gain an understanding of your difficulties and discuss the possible ways forward.

Everyone is different and each treatment package is tailored to the needs of the individual. Some people may wish to return for review appointments to discuss how they are getting on, others may wish to begin psychological therapy. Generally those who choose therapy commit to a certain number of sessions (usually 6). 

If you are unsure about whether seeing a psychologist would help you please contact the clinic where you will be given the opportunity to discuss your needs with our team and to help you determine whether seeing a psychologist is the right thing for you. 

Sports Psychology Prices

  • £60 per 50 minutes




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Dr Mairi MacLean

The advice, support and results have been fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Iain and the team at Achilles Heel

Oli Norman

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